Friday, October 21, 2005

Nostalgia or Creep-out, the Avian version

I couldn't decide between this fine drawing:
[which is the Medowlark, and happens to be the Nebraska state bird and the mascot of my elementary school, the May Morley Medowlarks]

Or this one:
[which is obvioulsy an awesome scary scavenger eating the head of a deer]

Whatever your style, you will find something to ooh and ah over in the online version of Audubon's Birds of America. Its even fun to just look at the bird names, which are often hilarious. I also like the scetches of interior bird anatomy.


archivaria said...

we totally have large print (four ginormous books) of these prints in our archives reading room. they're gorgeous, and potentially very creepy.

archivaria said...

that wasn't a very good sentence.

kristykay said...

It did the job though -- and I've seen those books and they are awesome. And ginormous. And, yes, a bit creepy.

casual ninja said...

it looks like those birds are doing it on top of that dead deer head. totally hot! you should check out professor romance's pic of the american eagles doing it if you haven't already. it makes me proud to be an american.