Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I swear I didn't start out to document the strangeness in the world of Cuisinart advertising, but somehow I have. Here is another case in point. Part of what is weird in all these ads (and there are a lot of weird elements to choose from) is that everyone is looking somewhere very deliberately, but almost no one is looking at the person that is looking at them. In addition, no one is talking. I don't know about you, but in my family, someone is always talking. Let's break this one down (click to make it bigger):

1. Woman A is looking at Woman H, and Woman H is looking in the direction of Woman A, but their eyes don't seem to be meeting.
2. Man B is looking at Woman A, and getting no love.
3. Kid C might be looking at Dude G, but it seems more likely that he is looking at something out of the frame.
4. Woman D is looking at kid C.
5. Girl E is looking at Old Man F, but he is looking at Woman D, who is not looking at him.
6. Dude G is either looking at Woman A or Man B. Either way, neither of them are looking at him.

Who thought these ads were a good idea? They make me feel like I'm looking at robots pretending to be humans, and don't really make me feel like Cuisinarting anything at all.


Jenn said...

I get the feeling that this family is actually estranged, but they are giving it a good college try because Kid C is actually dying of cancer, and all he wanted was one last Easter dinner (that's the only way I can explain the pastel purple tablecloth) with his favorite Cuisinart dishes. Like that tasty err roast thing in the middle of the table.

Dan said...

Wow, yeah, another strange one.