Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SB Wednesday has no failure to communicate

Paul Newman, welcome to Secret Boyfriend Wednesday. How on earth could we leave you out? Not only are you smoking hot, but you also make a mean line of food products (which are awesome -- if I have a choice between something Paul Newman made and something else, I go with Paul every time), and you donate all your profits to charity!

In addition, you have aged quite well.

Although I will never get tired of young Paul. Nice work, PN -- welcome to the SB pantheon!

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steiger said...

i am not one to use superlatives in general because my tastes, like my moods, change hourly. but paul newman remains at the very top of my list of the sexiest, most beautiful men that ever lived. um, or at least that i've ever seen. i guess there may have been somebody somewhere more beautiful and who made better salad dressing, but whoever that is has yet to enter into my radar.