Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SB Revelations

In honor of the American Idol finale, and because I'm having to dig deep to find unrevealed secret boyfriends, I'm going to own up to a kind of ridiculous SB of mine: Simon Cowell. It's true. He wasn't at first, but something about watching him every week has really grown on me. I like that he almost always wears a tight black shirt. I like that he doesn't smile much, but when he does it's cute. And he is generally pretty spot on with his comments -- really the only honest-ish person on the show.

I also love the smirk.

And the whole fake-rude bit. I don't know why, he just appeals to me. I'm kind of embarrassed about this. Does anyone else think he's cute?

[The one thing I do hate is the fake/scripty animosity between him and Ryan Seacrest. Can't those dudes just give it a rest? I like that Simon always seems sort of irritated by having to do it. Ryan Seacrest is the anti-SB.]

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