Monday, May 21, 2007

Old Pictures

My sister has been scanning in some old slides and prints from my grand- parent's house, and she burned a bunch of them to CD for me. I haven't gone through everything, but so far there are some awesome shots of my grandmother (who we called Bemor) and her sisters in the 1920s. They made all their own clothes and there are some very fashionable get-ups here. Just a few up for now, but I'll try to add more later.

[Addendum -- more have been added.]


casual ninja said...

Those photos are beautiful! And now I have some great ideas if my hair ever grows long enough.

Anonymous said...

dude, your grandmother and great aunt were smokin' hot!!!!


Anonymous said...

Those are great clothes -- I love '20s clothes. I must admit they do look a bit as though they are siameese twins or that one of them is missing an arm in the second picture.