Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Make it

I was thinking about drawing a little comic to illustrate my review of Making comics : storytelling secrets of comics, manga and graphic novels (2006) by Scott McCloud, but it turns out that I have very little ability or patience for drawing, I'm too lazy, and I didn't even try. Sorry, guys. Maybe I'll surprise you by whipping up some awesome doodles at a later date.

It says a lot for McCloud's book, however, that it made me think (pretty seriously even) that I could, and should, try making a comic of my own. This is the third book in McCloud's series exploring the world of comics (I still need to read Reinventing Comics, anyone have it?), and in this volume he gets down to where the pencil meets the paper and describes the actual procedures that go into turning your comics ideas into reality. Since I'm not a comics artist myself, I'm not sure how important and/or valid McCloud's advice is, but as a comics reader, I found it to be really interesting and engaging. Plus I just love the idea of a non-fiction book in comic format.

If you are interested, check out Scott McClouds Making Comics webpage, including his online Chapter Five and a Half -- an online, comic format chapter about online comics.

And a gazillion thanks to the lovely Joolie for loaning me this. I'll get it back to you as super soon as possible.

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