Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SB Wednesday Drew First Blood

In a similar fashion to the Kurt Russell/eye-patch SB phenomenon, the cast of Young Guns (and, naturally, Young Guns II) have also earned a mysterious place in SB history. Individually, I have nothing against Emilio, Charlie, Kiefer, and Lou. They are all attractive enough, but they just don't have that SB touch. But, put them together as a gang of gun fighting bad guys with hearts of gold in the old west, and they are magic. I haven't seen either of these movies since maybe 1991, but I'm betting that the SB status will hold up even if the films fall a little flat. I can't say why throwing this rag tag bunch of actors together in the wild west makes them exponentially cuter, but it does, and I don't like to overly question the SB magic.

And now I think you should probably watch the Blaze of Glory video, since the song is surely in your head:

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reasonably prudent poet said...

thank you so much for reuniting with my perennial secret boyfriend JON BON JOVI with whom i am DEEPLY and WEIRDLY in love. thank you thank you.