Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bloody Awesome

I donated blood today, and if you live in Austin (or anywhere really) you should too, as they are mega-low on the blood donations this summer [unless of course you are scared to death of needles like Dr. M]. Not only will you have the fun of answering a series of semi-embarrassing questions (they aren't so bad, although I don't often get asked if I've ever accepted money for sex or had sex with an African), but you will also get tasty Nutter-butters, or the cookie or snack of your choice afterward.

Or you could just purchase this blood drop mascot costume for $1200 and wear it around. Doesn't that seem like a lot for a costume? I guess mascot costumes must be more heavy duty than your usual Halloween/costume ball fair.


Mary P. from PrettyGoodThings.com said...

That blood drip is scary. 1) he looks like he is waiting to catch some rain - or perhaps some blood drips! 2) mascots are generally intimidating to me...Don't get me started on 'lil red (what gives them the right to approach me in their costumes!?) and 3) you can see the person inside! yikes!

Joolie said...

I wish I could, but they won't let me because my veins are too hard to tap. I wouldn't mind wearing that costume, though. I really wish I had a picture of me dressed as a giant Slurpee. I wore puffy white gloves and everything.

Spacebeer said...

I didn't notice that you can see the person inside that costume until you pointed it out. And now it is giving me the total creeps.

And I really wish I had a picture of Joolie as Slurpee too. Really.