Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Three Things I Hate

[Off the top of my head. Not necessarily in order of dislike.]

1. Flip Flops (these are not good for your feet, people. Okay at the pool, bad for walking around.)
2. Matt Hardy (He is soooo boring -- why do people like him? in addition to hating his dumb wrestling moves, I also hate his hair, his facial hair, and his pants.)
3. Unnecessary abbreviations, both spoken and written. We have enough time to just say the complete names of people, couples, films, and events, and to spell out every letter of our words. Believe me.

What do you hate?

Tomorrow: three things I love.


Dr. Mystery said...

I hate:
1) Paul Haggis's "Crash"
2) the wealthy
3) everything but good times

Joolie said...


Mary P. from PrettyGoodThings.com said...

I am completely with you with abbreviating words. I absolutely HATE the word 'congrats' spoken or written!

I hate:
1. People clapping at movies.
2. When adults say 'they don't eat/like vegetables'.
3. Sometimes I think our house smells and I can't fix it - I hate that.

Lei-Leen said...


Dr. Mystery said...

Oh man, I forgot one. I hate lolcats more than just about anything in the world, past, present, or future.

Spacebeer said...

I certainly don't hate lolcats, but I also don't really understand the appeal. I do love what Achewood is doing with them though.

And I definitely hate unidentified smells.