Thursday, July 26, 2007

Share time

So, I subscribe to a lot of magazines. Really. I've pared them down a bit in recent years, but I still have quite a few that come every month or so and beg me to read them. In the past, I worked at a relatively big place with a break room where I could drop old magazines. But now My work is small and doesn't even have a break room. And Dr. M has left the working world for student-times. But I can't just recycle the magazines, because they deserve better than that. So I need you, dear readers. If any of you would like me to pass old issues of the following magazines your way, just let me know. Preference to folks in Austin, but I would even mail small batches out to select friends out of state.

Choose from:
  • Harper's Magazine [one of my favorites, I've subscribed since high school and I shall never stop!]
  • Jane [actually I read that Jane has been axed by its publishers, so there might only be one or two issues of this one to share]
  • Seed [super awesome science/culture magazine]
  • Smithsonian
  • Interview [I like the pictures]
  • Bitch [don't let the "feminist" part scare you -- this is a pretty great magazine]
  • Blueprint [this is a new magazine from the Martha Stewart empire -- I like it, but I don't think I'm going to renew it. I've still got a couple issues on the way, though.]
  • Spin
  • Oxford American [this is a great one -- excellent essays, fiction, and photographs exploring southern culture]
Don't be shy -- ease my magazine subscription guilt!


bumblesandlu said...

In order of preference: Blueprint (pretty please?), Seed * Interview.

We should be ladies who lunch sometime soon.

Joolie said...

Guilt is corrosive. Sharing magazines is a balm for the soul. Or something like that. I'd check out Oxford American and take Harper's.

Jessica said...

Aww man. What a great idea..What's left? I'll take Bitch and Spin. And let Bumblesandlu know I'll trade her Domino for Blueprint, ReadyMade for Interview, and a peppermint candy for Seed once she's done with them!

p.s. I got some amazing stuff at the c-n sale too! (i blogged about it)