Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Three Things I Love

1. Getting into a really hot car after freezing all day at work.

2. James Yun, aka Jimmy Wang Yang. He is super fun to watch, is cute, and also seems nice.

3. Every cat on earth. Even mean ones. Even your cat.

What do you love?


Nikki said...

01. Every cat EVER, including 'I Can Has Cheezburger' cats. C'mon, how can you hate 'invisible sandwich' cat, srsly!
02. sleep
03. wood grain

coco hansie said...

you love my cat? you crazy.

01. my cat
02. salads made at home (fruit, potato, pasta, egg, greens, etc.)
03. nerding it up with coffee and a book

Krouchdog said...

01. How our neigbors' young basset hound tries to pretend to be angry and tough as its companion, a small black pooch, is actually pissed off and going nuts when someone walks through the alley. The basset hound stumbles along, quietly barks once, and wags its tail as the black dog yaps loudly until it looks like its going to have a heart attack. It cracks me up everytime.
02. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. The most fun you can have killing Spanish villagers who've been infected with an ancient parasite that allows a purple-robed cult leader to control their minds.
03. Air-conditioned bus rides after standing in the sun for fifteen minutes.

Joolie said...

Aww. My cat loves you too! Probably.

1. Beer
2. Telescoping pruning poles
3. Sweating profusely, so long as I don't have to be anywhere

Spacebeer said...

Of course I love Jockamo (and Yuri, even though he is not a cat) and Stinky.

And I love the cats part of lolcats, even if I don't always get a kick out of the lol part.

AC, salads, and coffee also make my list of things to love.

But I love beer most of all. Even more than I love all of you.