Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bathroom Fixture Update

I'm sure you have all been saying to yourselves: "Sure, Kristy had fun in Baton Rouge. I saw the pictures. They looked great. But what about the fixtures in the hotel bathroom?"

What about the fixtures indeed.

Since nearly one in four internet searches that land on my site come from someone trying to find information about institutional bathroom fixtures, I felt it was duty to report that I had the pleasure of using a TOTO Toilet and a Speakman Anystream 2000 shower head in my hotel room (the one I used is pictured at the right side of the screen at the top). Actually, the toilet wasn't that great -- it was somewhat loosely connected to the floor, and when I would sit down or stand up the whole thing would wobble a bit. You don't want wobbly toilets. That could have been the fault of the installation and not the TOTO brand, however. The showerhead, on the other hand, was wonderful. I usually am dissapointed with hotel showerheads, but this one was mounted high on the wall (good for us extra tall gals) and had a nice stream. Any stream in fact. And it was the 2000 model, so you know that's good...


And, in answer to Mary P.'s Best/Worst purchase poll, I made a bad purchase in Baton Rouge. While enjoying some drinks at the hotel bar with my friends, I was seduced away from my gin and tonic plan by this cute little drink menu. I decided to go for an old fashioned. I'd made one of these at home before, and it usually involves whiskey, sugar (or simple syrup), bitters, sour mix (or Squirt), and a cherry or other fruit garnish. The bartender at the hotel made ours with sweet and low. Ick. Do not put sweet and low in drinks, people. It was really awful. Of course, I drank the whole thing, but I didn't like it, and I think the sweet and low got me all riled up so I couldn't sleep that night. The only good thing is that the drink was pretty cheap for a hotel bar, only $4.50 or something like that. Traci can back me up on this -- a horrible old fashioned. The moral of the story is: only order simple drinks if you don't know how the dude is going to make them.

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archivaria said...

revolting! disgusting! yucky! that's how i describe the foulness of the old fashioneds that we drank (i only drank half). the bartender was great with these apple martini's, though, which typically aren't my preferred type of drink, but what the hey? it was good and it tasted like an apple jolly rancher.

plus, my toilet wobbled, too.