Tuesday, June 14, 2005

She can't say no... with sexy results!

A few days ago I finished reading Bombshell by G. G. Fickling (a pseudonym for the husband and wife team that wrote this and the rest of the books in the Honey West series). This is one that I bought at the Literacy Austin book sale a couple of weekends ago. Since the whole reason I bought it was for the cover, here it is:

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Posted by Hello

How could you not want to read this book? Its got naked ladies with guns, Nazis, the threat of nuclear war, a guy named Johnny Doom (he changed it from Dombella because kids at school used to call him Johnny Dumbell), Hitler, and all kinds of action and adventure. Plus Honey West (our hero) is constantly having her shirt ripped off by redneck sheriffs, Nazis, and (with her permission) Johnny Doom.

Although the writing style is a little silly and overblown, this is actually a pretty clever, if improbable, adventure story. Apparantly the Honey West books were so popular in their day, they were made into a TV series. My favorite picture from that site is Honey West with her lipstick microphone. Nothing fights crime better than a tiger print leotard with fur trim and fishnet tights.


archivaria said...

mail this book to me. please. i'll give it back, i promise, i just want to read it. please.

kristykay said...

I will absolutely mail you a copy -- in fact, I have a whole little package of stuff I want to send out. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I'll get it together.