Thursday, June 23, 2005

It is not a spam, it is a love

I don't usually even smirk at my spam anymore -- any humor that may have been gleaned from the misspellings, sexy claims, or outrageous subject lines has been lost in the flood of email that comes through my computer.

Then I recieved this.

I was going to just pull out a few select highlights, but honestly, the best way to share it with you is to just show you the whole thing. It will make you see smoking in a whole new way.



(Note: It is not a spam, it is a love, we assist BGFG propagate information of love, BGFG don't know herself, please TO SAVE OUR 1000,000,000 BROTHERS AND SISTERS, GIVE LOVE TO THEM, to create   21-CENTURY NEW MAINSTAY PEOPLE-SERVE INDUSTRY, is a sort of charity.

Dear Sir:
Cigarettes harm 1000,000,000 peoples' health, so cigarette's revolution, new invention man-made non-toxic cigarette (abstract see appendix 1) rescues millions life of human being, is a very significant enterprise of world people. Man-made nontoxic cigarette is no tar, no toxic gas and vapor, no nicotine  cigarette (in a short transitional period keep down nicotine). Because its taste betterthan toxic cigarette, it can wholly replace toxic cigarette market, save or relieve our smoking brother and sister.

BUT THE ABILITY OF THE INVENTOR of this item (i.e. our corporation) compare with such great enterprise IS VERY INSUFFICIENCY, need the beautiful peoples of all world dedicate LOVE,   assist and support us.

The smoking people is also our brother and sister. Let us stretch our assistant hands, and offer zealous LOVE  hearts. GIVE LOVE TO 1 MILLIARD CIGARETTE-PEOPLE. WHEN YOU HAVE READ THIS LETTER, PLEASE  YOU:

1.         (IF YOU ARE POOR MAN, HOW TO GIVE LOVE TO 1000 MILLION PEOPLE) Please you copy  this letter and transmit to 10 (or above 10) your friends and relations.

2. (IF YOU NOT A POOR MAN, AND IF YOU ARE A BIG CORPORATION OR OTHER ENTERPRISE) Please you invest this new mainstay industry, (can't invest, please YOU assist or support us purely, even less than US$ 10), to speedup this significant item's development. Our address and bank account see the end of APPNDIX 2.

 (The toxicity of cigarette is too severe, the  market of cigarette (about US$ 100,000millions) must 100% CONVERT from one side(toxic) to other side (nontoxic) quickly. Therefore need very large investment, hope your assistance. The market very large, so the investors not only have saved brother and sister, also God rewards themselves great chances for their benevolence.

3. IF YOU ARE NEWSPAPER, TV, IT ENTERPRISE, PLEASE PROPAGATE FOR IT FREE OF CHARGE TO THE INVESTOR AND FAR-SIGHT ENTERPRISER, AND OTHER PEOPLE, if you can't believe it is a real fact, please attend conference of cigarette revolution (SEE

Appendix 1: Abstract
Smoking is a kind of enjoyment, but its harm is very severe, so call for to abstain from smoking. BUT 21 century is a society of high-class civilization, also a society of high-class enjoyment. The five significant enjoyments of human being: Eyes enjoyments (TV, video); Ears enjoyments (music); mouth enjoyments (delicious food); Respiratory tract enjoyments (cigarette); Body enjoyments (car, lodging). To prohibit smoking make a backward of history (of enjoyment), is not a best stratagem. But tobacco's toxicity is very inflexible, can't be clean out. It must operate on the foundation of cigarette industry. The series items of non-toxic cigarette radically change the concept of cigarette industry, and the difficult nontoxic problem, that can't be resolved heretofore, be resolved.

The new nontoxic  technique contains a series of techniques:

The enjoyment of smoking isn't coming from the cigarette itself, is coming from the fog that emanate by burning cigarette to stimulate respiratory track. Electronic smoking apparatus emanates fog by man-made electronic method, to make nontoxic when smoke. But smoking with apparatus is not concert with smoker's habit, the second patent develop a nontoxic cigarette, similar to common cigarette.

Third patent is manmade low-toxic or nontoxic cigarette essence, manmade essence contains all effective, flavourous and sapid substance of natural tobacco, wipesoff all impurities and useless flotsam, has no tar, no toxic gas and vapor, no nicotine. It holds original taste of tobacco, but for it wipes off the bad taste emanating by burning impurities and flotsam, (and also by other useful technique), it has a strongpoint, i.e. its taste better than toxic cigarette, sometimes ascendant than high class toxic cigarette some degree. So it can 100% replaces old toxic cigarette and guarantees the health of smoker-people. Form a cigarette revolution. Nicotine's toxicity is lower than the other two toxic components (tar, toxic gas and vapor) of cigarette. In a not long transition period nicotine is not wiped off wholly for a while, to assure the cigarette revolution smooth and steady, and nobody break the ranks. The revolution of cigarette will complete every inch. (details please attend nontoxic cigarette learned conference. BGFG (Beijing Greensparkling Fragrant Grass high science Corporation)


Jenn said...

This breakthrough could be BIG TIME Kristy. The website proves it ..

Check out the comments. That poor guy has been smoking for 40 years and REALLY wishes there were non-toxic cigs.

archivaria said...

this reminds me of the flyers i found in my apartment laundry room last year, except the topic wasn't cigarettes, it was aliens and gay-friendly government conspiracies. good times.