Monday, June 27, 2005

Movie Madness

While Josh was out of town last week, I helped myself to some videos from the extensive Krauter collection. Since Josh wasn't there to watch them with me, I'll have to report on them here instead of relying on Movie-Watching Robot to do it for me.

First I watched Lindsay Anderson's Britannia Hospital, which was pretty heavy on the political satire, but still very funny. Plus it has Malcolm McDowell, an awesome scene where a guys head comes off and blood spurts everywhere, and Mark Hamill getting high in a news van.

Then I jumped to National Lampoon's Vacation, which is one of the few tapes that is mine and not Josh's, and which I haven't seen since I was a kid. It was awesome. Somehow I had remembered almost half the movie being John Candy and Wally World, when its really only the last five minutes. And I forgot that you see Beverly D'Angelo's boobs, but not Christie Brinkley's. It seemed that we saw them both (all four of them?) in my kid memory. Also, did you realized that John Hughes wrote the screenplay? Altogether excellent.

It is always special when movies I loved as a kid are still actually good when I see them as an adult because, honestly, all the goodness they usually retain is only in nostalgia value.

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