Thursday, June 09, 2005

Give a hoot

There were 30 or 40 of these anti-litter signs up in the lobby of this art center in Baton Rouge. I've selected the six most grand for your viewing pleasure. And now we shall have a contest -- which one of these makes you feel the least like litering? Are you most affected by Satan or Hitler? A sad Earth or a They Live reference? Your response to this contest will actually give me your psychological profile, so don't be surprised if I look at you a little differently after you answer...

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Mary P. from said...

Why is a CHILD referencing cunilingus in an anti-littering campaign~! Inappropriate! Call me prude ~ but whatever.

I think that shoud be disqualified for inappropriate references.

So, I guess I would vote for the "because we live in a boot doesn't mean have to smell like one!" because it is innocently funny

The Hitler one looks like somone's older sibling made it . . maybe I am being too suspcious....

ps. they are all really great

thepantsthatibuilt said...

"Think of it"
Absolutely my favorite. I must note: according to a wall on Cesar Chavez, "pirty" is actually spelled "purdy". Stupid Louisianans. Texans know best.

archivaria said...


i love them all, and had forgotten about them, and how much joy they brought to me when we were at the museum. why were those comments deleted? wha' happened?


kristykay said...

Oh those were just from a comment that got posted multiple times -- no censoring going on here on Spacebeer, never fear!

carrie said...

my favorite is the satan one... because it has the brightest colors and i like to identify with evil :)

Mary P. from said...

hi. yes. that would have been me who deleted the comments. I had to because I was a little drunk when posting and, well, I think didn't say all I had to. Will not delete again. Unless drunk.