Sunday, July 31, 2005

I want

A cat. Or two or three. Or ten. Lots of cats.

A yard or a porch or a balcony or a clearing or a carport or someplace attached to my home where I can drink outside. I can't drink outside at my apartment unless I sit on the steps leading to the second floor where I encounter no end of dirty looks from the people going up and down. Maybe I should build a fort on top of the filled in swimming pool in the middle of the complex. I love to drink, but I really love to drink outside.

More Saturdays.

To move someplace new and start over with a new job, or to go back to school. That sounds awesome. Then after I had been there for a year or two, I could come back to Austin and Austin would be all new. Many of my friends and family would, of course, follow me to the new location and then back to Austin when I wanted to return.

A scorpion belt buckle.

To go for a ride in a boat. I looked at a covered up boat for hours last night and it looked like it would be fun. I've never really gone for a ride in a real boat before. I wouldn't want to drive it though, just ride around.

To be able to drink a crazy amount and feel awesome in the morning.

The legislature to self destruct so I can see my friends more often. Come on now, legislators, just let them go. You don't really need them now and you aren't going to decide anything. Perhaps my other requests are a little unrealistic right now, but this one is totally doable.

Some enchiladas.


Joolie said...

I like to see the Kristy.

Krouchdog said...

I got the same porch problem. I love sitting outside and drinking in the summer, but we have a tiny porch that is right next to the entrance to the building so everyone that lives here walks within five feet of you. I usuallly get into twenty-five knife fights a night. "What are you looking at bud?" I says.

what did you say? said...

ew ew ew! let's plan a boat trip! i promise i won't randomly disagree with your husband for no apparent reason about something I know nothing about! double pinky promise in fact.

kristykay said...

Aw, a boat trip is just what I wished for! And I disagree with that dude all the time, and it never hurts his feelings. Just don't throw him off the boat...

anjelope said...

I want last weekend on a continual loop. Saturday, check. Cats, check. Outdoor drinking, check. Scorpion belt buckle: yes. Not following you on the leaving Austin so much, but yeah, Saturday was pretty great.