Wednesday, July 13, 2005

No mo

Jerome Wilkerson's eyebrows freak me out. Although I do enjoy his TV commercials.


archivaria said...

ew. just. gross.

carrie said...

is this the guy that has the HUGE picture of himself on his car doors?

kristykay said...

Potentially -- I've never seen his car, but they play his commercials all the time during daytime TV (I get home around 3:30, so I catch a little Judge Judy and Current Affair every now and again). He always has a couple talk back and forth about how easy it was to shop for homes online before he gives his spiel. The couple in the commercial playing now is pretty normal, but the couple before this really looked like a stripper and a bouncer that Jerome found in a club somewhere. The girl had the most awesome little squeaky girly voice ever.