Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fridge in Context

Here it is folks -- all the memories of our weekends together exploring the items on my fridge have come to this: The Complete Fridge.

The top half:

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Clockwise from the top center, we have:

1. My favorite Achewood comic.

2. Everyone's favorite 21 year old.

3. Fortune cookie fortune. [Which inexplicably reads: "Being an able man. there are always."]

4. A magnet from my alma mater, featuring Old Main, where all my English classes were held.

5. Fully visible tang construction.

6. Carhenge postcard and snake sex.

7. Super suit.

8. Fusion experiments.

9. A wedding invitation for a wedding we will be attending next weekend.

10. Alamo drafthouse schedule, held up by the Cheap Trick magnet.

Other magnets include the glow in the dark UNL "N", the UT Society of American Archivists Student Chapter, the UNL Writing Center, and RLG Cultural Materials. As you see, we don't have many hilarious or fun magnets.

And the bottom half:

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[Sorry this picture is so crappy, it was hard to lean far enough away from the fridge to get the whole thing in, plus I was all down by the smelly garbage. Just be happy you've got this much.]

1. A postcard for a show of the fabulous art of our friend Allison Fox (sorry about the flash glare there A-Fox).

2. Gumby's Pizza magnet (even though we never ever get Gumby's pizza. We are more Austin's pizza or Mangia folks...)

3. Pedazo Chunk Video flyer.

4. Swirl art by Josh.

5. Paramount and AFS summer film schedules, held up by an "Operation STOP, Working to keep railroading drug and alcohol free" magnet/ruler.

The other magnets on the bottom half of the fridge are all freebee things and not really worth getting into in detail. I think I should go out and buy some better magnets.

Ta da! After milking my fridge to its utmost possible limits, I now have no idea what I will post about on the weekends....

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