Friday, July 29, 2005

What is this guy doing?

There is a guy sitting in a chair just like this in the parking lot behind my building. His back is to me, but he appears to be reading a newspaper. There is also a water-bottle like object in the drink holder in his chair. What is he waiting for? Sometimes we get campers and such during football season, but there isn't anyone else hanging in the parking lot. And he isn't by a car or anything, he just has his chair in the grass at the edge of the lot. Luckily I have a giant window that overlooks said lot and not much motivation on this Friday. I'll keep everyone posted on his movements.

Does anyone know of a UT event today that would put a dude in this chair?


An update: He left sometime during the morning when I was out of my office (stupid work, anyway), so I didn't get to see if he got into a car or just packed up and hiked away or what. I did see him look around in his backpack a bunch and once switch his newspaper for a book. Quite the mystery....

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archivaria said...

ask evan. he would know if there were any sports-related goings on.

ps - i hate today. i also hate the fact that i have been working on the same collection for the last month and a half. i also hate that i am working with two interns and can't fuck around this afternoon. but i love the interns...they're sweet and very hard-working and that's why i have to stay busy, too.

pps - back to it.