Saturday, July 09, 2005

No fridge is infinite

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Yes, I could have scanned each of these postcards and pictures in separately, but it just didn't seem the thing to do. All these items have been sent to the side of the fridge, and brought together as a group for a reason. So I will present them as one. Clockwise from the top we have:

1. A poster from my old roomates advertising a Chi Kung group they do on East Campus in Lincoln. I really like the picture, which our friend Siclone took -- one side is Tycho bending and Milt sitting, and the other side is the reverse.

2. Drunk Moby, we've already seen him.

3. Zymmir, the oldest daughter of the roomates mentioned above. A total cutie.

4. Postcard from our friend Melanie's art show.

5. Postcard from London, sent to us by Josh's mom while she was living there.

6. Muhammad Ali.

7. Beauty and the Beast -- which is a really awesome movie if you haven't seen it.

8. Postcard for the Neil Labute play "Bash" which we saw at the Hyde Park Theatre a couple of years ago with Josh's brother Nick. That was the best Thanksgiving ever.

9. (in Center) Postcard from an event at my work.

10. Valentine.

11. Spike and Mike's postcard. I have never gone to see this and I don't really like the postcard that much. I don't know why its on my fridge. I think I will take it off after this post and hang something else up there. If you send me something in the mail, I will hang it up in the offending spot. I swear. Email me for my address if you don't have it. If I get lots of stuff, I'll make it work. I'll hand stuff around the inside if I have to.

Next week -- the front of the fridge: All your favorite fridge highlights from yesteryear in context!


Krouchdog said...

That was a great Thanksgiving. I spent the majority of it wearing only my pajamas. We had a game of scrabble and drank beer. We gave thanks for the shrimp gumbo that we made and ate, and we watched Takashi Miike movies.

kristykay said...

I think all major holidays should be celebrated with beer and shrimp while in ones pajamas.

Anonymous said...

umbra said...

Re: All these items have been sent to the side of the fridge...for a reason.
What reason?

kristykay said...

I'd say, less a concious reason than a serendipitous one. Part of that serendipity might be that they are all rectangular, and fit together nicely up there. The side is also more of a permenant venue than the front, where things tend to move around a bit more.