Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rambling Coincidences

On Friday afternoon I read this post on WFMU's Beware of the Blog (that, as we covered earlier, I love). Pretty gross and yet enthralling, no? Then that night I watched "Comment je me suis disputé... (ma vie sexuelle)" -- although the English title switches the title around and puts it as "My Sex Life... (or how I got into an argument)", because Americans aparantly will watch anything that says Sex really big on the cover. And in that movie the same door/hand thing happens to one of the characters. Exactly the same! But not on the boat and he slams the door himself, it doesn't slam closed with the wind. Plus you get to see it and its pretty gross in a cool way.

I'm still not totally sure how I felt about the movie, gross hand scenes excluded. The acting was amazingly good, but the story didn't always do it for me. The people in it are beautiful, though, especially Marianne Denicourt (scroll down a tad for her picture) who was in my dream last night. In my dream I was at this party waiting for my friends and I didn't really know anyone. Then I saw my sister and she told me that Josh and all these other friends of mine had been at the party for awhile and that they were all in the bathroom. So I got really mad that they didn't come get me and I grabbed my shoes (which were these high heels for some reason) and my sweater and told my sister that I was leaving and I'd see her later. Then I started walking and walking, trying to get to this bus stop to go home. After I'd walked for awhile, I somehow ended up back at the party and Josh told me that I'd made our hostess really sad and worried by leaving. And the hostess was this French actress who was crying because I'd left so suddenly. Then I woke up and I was still vauguely mad at Josh even though all he'd been doing was sleeping.

Ta da!

No hands were hurt in my dream, though.

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Krouchdog said...

During my brief stint in EMT school I got to watch a doctor, fresh from the golf course, reattach a man's first two fingers. He had had a bit of an accident with a power saw. The inside of his fingers, I swear to God, looked exactly like a Totino's pepperoni party pizza. The guy was pretty calm about the whole thing, but his wife was freaking out. Good times.