Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Dream Police

I know I have posted links to sites of historical anatomies before because they are practically my favorite thing that can be found on the internet. If you still don't realize how great they are, you are either a jerk or you have never seen The Dream Anatomy Gallery. Here we have fetus skeleton tableaus, three dimensional dolls from the 16th century with removable fetuses, and models like the dude pictured here who apparantly removed his own skin in one piece with a knife and is kindly holding it to the side so we can observe his muscles. Plus every image is availabe in high and low resolution forms, and each is annotated with a little bit of context, but not too much. Go now, and view every picture.


Also, did you see that the UT tower was all lit up in orange last night/this morning with a big number one on all four sides. It is fun when they light the tower up, but it makes me all happy inside when they write things on the side of it with the light from the windows...

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milk and cake said...

i love the dream anatomy site! it's one of my favorites. the teeny fetus skeletons are so cute.