Friday, September 23, 2005

Playing Hooky

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Yesterday I had this super-long 14 hour work day -- I was on the planning committee for this evening retirement reception for my boss at work, and after my regular work day I had to set up and attend said reception. My boss is a wonderful guy, and the reception went really well, but it totally wore me out.

After taking a fast shower, guzzling some bourbon on the rocks, and saying goodnight to Josh I set the alarm, went to bed, and started all over this morning with another early rise and trip to work.

Then I realized the wonderment that is comp time and left work today at noon. I love leaving work early. Its the perfect excuse to plop back into bed, read a trashy Interview magazine, take a nap, watch Tyra Banks' new show [may I digress and mention that this is the most awkward and uncomfortable show on earth? Its also rather disjointed, like it isn't sure what it wants to do yet, and Tyra tries on a new personality every time the camera changes angles. Plus she changes outfits at every commercial break.], and catch some Divorce Court. All this and it still isn't even the time when I would ordinarily be home from work.

My one productive act of the afternoon was to gather together all the pictures from our Las Vegas trip last year (pre, during, and post wedding), arrange them semi-chronologically, and put them all in a photo album. A week from tomorrow will be our one year anniversary (of marriage, six years of coupledom), so its about time I got my shit together in the photo department.

The end.

p.s. The picture above was taken by my little sister, and its one of my favorite pictures from the whole vegas extravaganza.

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