Thursday, September 29, 2005

The World's Teeniest Reads

This ad was in the Sunday paper last week -- for just $1.95 you get three of the world's greatest books in an exclusive miniature collector's edition, plus a free miniature bookcase to hold them. Then, every month you get three more books at just $7.95 each plus shipping. Because they are miniature, you know they'll be worth tons of money in the future. Did I mention that they also have rich gold-patterned embellishments? And select ivory-colored book paper? Because they do.

I would kind of like to have one or two of these mini-books just to see how they condensed them. In fact, wouldn't that be a rather awesome job? "Let's see, how can I really capture the essence of Dante's Divine Comedy in in five cubic inches? Would it be okay to abbreviate Machiavelli's name? Can we just cover 'War' and leave 'Peace' for next month's volume?" Maybe they just had some kind of computer randomly select sentences from the book until they hit enough words to fill the mini-cover.

Honestly its hard to figure out if these would be better or worse to order than the dragon-clutching-crystals statue or the Rudolph Christmas Village set on the other side of the ad...

1 comment:

Doris said...

OH man, you are telling me this was a waste of my money? and that I wont get to read a full version of these books! I guess I should go hang my head in shame!

:-) thanks for the chuckles. Great Blog you got here.