Monday, September 05, 2005

Gardening with bar accessories!

Joolie's post about her new cactus Julio reminded me that I hadn't watered my dear Aloe plant, Aloey, for a long time. Like probably months. No matter, I've had Aloey for over five years, and have gone this long before without watering him. He is actually the only plant I've ever had that I didn't kill, including a cactus I had once. Although it was hard to tell if the cactus was dead or not, which was part of its charm. I do much better with animals than with plants.

Aloey's only complaint is that he is too damn big for the pot he is in. Unfortunately, I've never had a plant live long enough to need a new pot and I:
a) Have no repotting skills
b) Have no bigger pots
c) Have no potting soil/sand stuff, and
d) Have nowhere to do said repotting.

As a compromise, I extracted a piece of Aloey that was practically jumping out of the pot and transferred him to this novelty shot glass that I bought at Walgreens after Halloween a few years ago. I put a little water in the glass, and Aloey, Jr. seems to be doing okay for now. So, does anyone need a hearty aloe plant? I can guarantee that this one will take whatever abuse you give it, plus if you burn yourself, just snip off a piece of Aloey and his life juices will make your burn feel much better.

Disclamer: You will have to provide your own pot and sandy soil and I get to keep the shot glass.


archivaria said...

i would like a little bit of your aloe plant, please. i have had a little success with some plants, and like the idea of having a plant around that will be easy to take care of. and while i would love the plant in that skull cup, you don't seem to be in the mood to get rid of it.

dag nabbit.

kristykay said...

The next time you come up, I will give you your own little piece of aloey -- he is the super plant that shall never die! And in the future, I will know that when tiny skull novelty shot glasses are on sale for 99 cents, I should buy several of them....