Monday, September 19, 2005

Library Geek Out

I count on Angela to send me the hottest new library school information straight from Chapel Hill, since I am all out of the school-scene in my professional life. And what do I get? Oh my god, its the best thing ever: Library Thing. Don't believe me? Just get yourself an account (all you need to provide is a user name and password). Find a pile of books. Put in their ISBNs or words from their title and Library Thing finds matching records in the Library of Congress or Amazon catalogs and adds them to your profile. I am about three seconds from hauling gigantic stacks of books from the bedroom to my desk so I can start cataloging them. And scroll down on this page a bit and you can see the most awesome thing of all -- random books from my library just hanging out down there! The ones down there right now happen to be the ones in my "sell on Amazon or to Half Price" pile. And if you click on them, it takes you to the catalog record! I'm giddy with excitement over this discovery. Yay A.!


In other news today, at work I read a letter from someone whose first language was not English and they wrote floopy disk instead of floppy disk. I kept giggling about that all day. Floopy.

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archivaria said...

wow. i thought, how lame, but now i understand. when i finish, i will send you my username/password so that you can check out my personal catalog. yay.