Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stop smiling now, seriously

A brief reading update in which I harangue you about subscribing to a magazine:

In the past week I've read Achewood, Volume Five: An Empty Cup of Rum [which you should really check out - all the volumes, actually. And if you buy them this week (or any other Achewood merchandise), Mr. Onstad will give 10% of your cashola to the hurricane victims, which is very nice]; Love Life by Bobbie Ann Mason [a book of her short stories -- I really liked them, although some more than others, and I liked her novel In Country more], and finally the latest issue of Stop Smiling Magazine.

Now, there is no need to go over with you again how much I like subscribing to magazines. This one, however, is one of the few magazines in existence that I don't subscribe to -- Josh does, and I read his copies. But if he didn't subscribe to it, I would run right out and get my own subsription, because it is one of the best that come into my house. Not only are the themes, articles and pictures great (which they are, and they actually post a new piece every day on their website, so even if you don't subscribe, you should take a look over there), but this magazine is one of the most pleasurable things I've ever read. The paper is perfect, the fonts exquistite, the colors and layout devine. Its the kind of magazine you just kind of want to hold for awhile before you even read it. Then when you read it, it is even better than it felt.

Even if you don't have $25 for the basic subscription ($50 will get you a free limited edition 7" single with each magazine if you are a music nerd), you could probably cough up the $10 bucks for a single issue. Just look through the back issues and see what strikes your fancy.

Okay, this has not been a paid advertisement but just some genuine gushing. And the harangue is over. [Did I even spell that right? I'm not even going to spell check it, because I like to live on the edge).

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