Monday, November 14, 2005

Another year of reading!

I know you have all been sitting on the edge of your collective seat just waiting to find out what I was reading eight years ago. Ah, 1998. It was a good year. I was a junior/senior in college, it was my last year of working at Barnes and Noble, and I apparantly spent most of the year reading books.

Lets take a look, shall we... (oh, and you can click here to get a more readable version of page one, and page two of the list)

Observations from 1998:
1. Still in college, so still a lot of school books. I took some awesome classes in 1998, though, including a history class where we read all about witches and saints and crazy ladies and an independent study on novels of sexuality. Hot.

2. Got a little royalty in there with Divorced, Beheaded, Survived, and I still remember which of Henry VIII's wives died how by the little rhyme from that title (the whole thing is divorced, beheadead, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. I think. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong.)

3. Apparantly in 1998 I could read whole books in Spanish (I was, after all, a Spanish minor). I don't think I've read any books in Spanish since 1998. I bet I could do it if I really tried though...

4. When I looked over this list a couple weeks ago I was surprised to find that I had read Masuji Ibuse's novel Black Rain. I saw the movie based on this book recently and had no idea that I'd ever read the book. I still don't remember reading it -- I don't think it was for a class, and I know I don't own it. And I don't think I ever bought it. The movie is really good, and I'm assuming that the book was too, although I'd really have to read it again to be sure.

5. I remember really not liking Julia Penelope's Speaking Freely, and yet for some reason I wrote it down twice on my list and had to cross one of them off. I must have been really glad to be done with it.

6. Junebug loaned me all those Dave Sim Cerebus books. Those were awesome. He only had the first four or so volumes, though, so I never got past those. I would like to reread these guys and catch up with all of that crazy pig's adventures.

7. Wuthering Heights is so good. I really want to read that again.

Have you read any of these books? Did you read any of them in 1998? If so, perhaps we are the same person! Or else we took some English classes together....


Air Wolf said...

Cerebus is the best 300 issue graphic novel ever. Its an old standby when ever I get the craving for some of that old fashion furry animal comic goodness.

Krouchdog said...

I've read the first Cerebus and really want to read the rest of them. It's a serious investment though. I just read Jane Eyre by the other Bronte sister, and I really liked it. It made me want to read Wuthering Heights.