Sunday, November 13, 2005

Miss Congeniality

After several unsuccessful attempts to engage me in the apparently enthralling subject of my height ("Wow, you're tall." "How tall are you?" "You're taller than me!" "Do you play basketball?"), this dude in line behind me at Walgreens asks me "Do you think that being taller than other women has given you any advantages in life?"


I thought I was just standing in line at a drugstore buying an economy sized box of tampons, but I must have inadvertently stepped into some kind of Miss America pageant. Luckily another register opened up before we got to the swimsuit competition.


Air Wolf said...

yeah, but DO you think being taller than other women has given any advantages in life?

kristykay said...

It doesn't really give me any advantages, but it apparantly gives a huge advantage to creepy dudes that want to strike up a conversation with me in line. I'd say my height is the first topic of conversation with about 75% of the people I come into contact with. In fact, if you are my friend, it is probably because you didn't comment on how tall I am until we had at least bantered about a bit.

Air Wolf said...

Yeah, but do you play basketball?
Can you slam dunk savings?
How long are your shin bone?

How many of you does it take to change a light bulb?
answer: One, if you can reach it, and you probably can because you are tall.

Professor Romance likes how helpful your height is to smooth banter.