Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My New Band

And the most recent perfect band name from the archives is:

The Rainbow Pipeline

(this one from an oddly named oil company effort from the 1960s)

If this doesn't work out as a band, I'm planning to license the name to a GLBT group of some kind. Or a series of porn movies.


Krouchdog said...

It sounds like a band that would do a lot of Jesus Christ Superstar covers.

Dr. Mystery said...

I imagine The Rainbow Pipeline as some long-lost late sixties/early seventies psychedelic soft rock band, like the Free Design or the United States of America. It will be the next Buried Treasure in Mojo magazine. Also gay porno.

casual ninja said...

this reminds me of dan's blog about the boneheaded play by greenpeace... the boat featured in the article was called the Rainbow Warrior II. i really wanted to comment on it then but couldn't think of anything to say beyond it sounding quite fey. i am not funny. greenpeace is gay. perhaps the rainbow warrior II can travel down the rainbow pipeline? methinks i smell a hit.