Saturday, April 23, 2005


I was reading the Oxford American special food issue yesterday, when I came across some barbeque dish called Burgoo. Josh hadn't heard of it either. After a bit of online research, I discovered that it is some kind of stew thing that can have a combination of mutton, beef, pork, chicken, veal or opossum, potatoes, corn, lima beans, tomatoes, or okra and a bunch of spices and you cook it for like 30 hours. Plus it is most famously found in Kentucky.

It is apparantly also the name of a punk album released by a band called Antietam in 1990. I'm not sure what kind of spicy meat/veggie mixture their music consists of...

[Update: Josh reminds me that we actually saw Antietam when they reuninted and opened for Yo La Tengo back last year. I don't remember Burgoo being mentioned during their set.]

Have any of my faithful readers ever had Burgoo? It actually sounds pretty awesome.


In other news, I'm listening to "The Lounge Show" on KOOP right now [I'm not always a huge lounge fan, it kind of gets old fast, but this is a really nice Saturday morning mix], and they are playing some song off William Shatner's new album where he does a duet with Henry Rollins (called "I Can't Get Behind That"). I have no qualms about listening to Shatner, but fucking Henry Rollins. I hate that dude. Even just listening to his stupid spoken word voice on this song makes me mad. I like pretty much everything in the entire universe except Henry Rollins (sorry tjd). Thanks for telling us all how to live, asshole. I'm glad you have it all figured out, and how nice of you to pummel us with your advice. I don't mind him in some Black Flag stuff, but jesus. What a cocksucker.

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archivaria said...

thanks for the apology, kks. i do love me some black flag, and i do enjoy the occasional henry rollins cameo in a movie (he's dreamy, especially now that he's got some gray hair coming in), but i think he can be pretty foul, and hearing him speak saddens me.

he has a show on the IFC channel, where he and guests will review movies. there's usually some anti-bruckheimer sentiment (or the like) (which just gets redundant after a while). there's this blonde that shown up on the show occasionally, and i do not mean to stereotype blonds because there are many, many smart blonde women out there, but she's pert, has a high voice, looks like a cheerleader and couldn't put together a coherent thought with duct tape and a vise. and he entertains her. she is so bruckheimer. but i guess ol' anti-establishment henry loves having a little middle america t & a hanging around the studio. i have tried to watch the show because sometimes he will have interesting guests on there, but it's impossible. his rants are pretentious, his reviewing style is trite, and blondini is a distraction. shame on you henry rollins.