Thursday, April 07, 2005

Buy one coffin, get two free!

So the other day I was half-listening to yet another newscast about the dead pope, and I heard the reporter say "three coffin burial." I was instantly intrigued -- which parts do they put in which coffin? Brain in one, liver in another, everything else in the last one? Two fake coffins to elude terrorists that might want to steal the pope's body with the real coffin in a secret location? A separate coffin for the funny hat? The possibilities were endless, hilarious, and hugely more interesting than the real answer:

Its just three coffins set one inside the other, with the pope-body (obviously) in the center one.

And I was looking forward to the cardinals busting out the chainsaws and dividing up the pope...

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Krouchdog said...

It would be really neat if they hollowed out the Pope and built two more Popes out of wax, each smaller than the last. Then they put the smaller Popes inside one another and then inside the hollowed out real Pope. Yeah! Like Russian dolls dude. Three coffins containing a Pope containing two other little Popes.