Monday, April 25, 2005


To shake things up this weekend, Josh and I went to a new (to us) park -- the Mayfield Preserve out off West 35th street by the Laguna Gloria Art Museum here in Austin. We spent the afternoon there, and there are still spots we didn't get to check out. What follows is a little photo essay of our journey.

A shadowy self-portrait, with a sliver of Josh to spice things up.Posted by Hello

Me heading down some steps towards the creek. [photo courtesy of Mr. Krauter.]Posted by Hello

I'm kind of going for the reflection of the trees here. The water was shallow, but relatively fast moving, with lots of cool algae.Posted by Hello

Algae-encrusted stepping stones, which I didn't even fall off of.Posted by Hello

An enticing cave-type overhang.Posted by Hello

I didn't take as many pictures on the grounds of the house as I would have liked -- my camera was almost out of batteries. This shot of Josh by this old stone arch is one of my favorites. I love how all the old things in Texas are made out of stones.Posted by Hello

A lovely pink flower in the pond. There were actually four or five interlocking ponds all surrounded by this stone patio.Posted by Hello

This peacock can make a really scary noise. Also he was all puffed up right before I took his picture.Posted by Hello

There's a small picture of the house and ponds on this city of Austin site (second one down) and some nice pictures and hiking information on the Austin Explorer site. I love that this park is totally free, there is plenty of parking, and there was no one there jogging or riding their bike. Its hard to relax around people who are exercising.