Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pretty Good Plug

I love my mom, and I always get her a birthday present and a Mother's Day present, even though her birthday is in April and Mother's Day is in May, and she is really really hard to buy a present for. Really hard. I usually end up getting her a CD or a book, but its hard to know what she already has, being as we live in different states, and its even more hard to know what she would like. Even if I come up with something good in April, it is impossible to duplicate that luck and find something equally as good when May rolls around.

This year my problem was solved for me at Pretty Good Things. Yes, this may be a blatant plug for a friend's business, but seriously, go look at this stuff. Its awesome. And not so expensive. And I guarantee your mom won't already have it. Plus she will love it.

So, if your mom is as hard to buy gifts for as mine is, let Mary P. take care of business and craft it up in honor of yo mama.

1 comment:

Mary P. from said...

Thank you for the advertising and the compliment! I hope you have been satisfied with all your purchases from pgt.

Thanks again, friend!