Saturday, April 02, 2005

I can't get enough Green-ahol!

Was anyone else totally excited by the return of A Current Affair to FOX? I have been watching it every single day (Josh has too, so I'm not a total loser), and I highly recommend it. A Current Affair was always kind of low-budget and schlocky, but now it is exceedingly so, in a wonderfully fabulous way. The best part of the come-back?: Host Tim Green.

I didn't know anything about this dude when he first popped up on my TV screen. Apparantly I've been living under a rock, because he is an ex-football player (which I guessed, based on his thick neck), sports commentator, author (of suspense novels), columnist, and practicing lawyer (!). Plus he is the goofiest anchor I have ever seen. He has awesome reaction shots, and his ability to ad lib dialogue is incomparably silly.

So, if you are sitting at home at 4:30 on a weekday afternoon here in Austin and wondering what to do with yourself, consider spending half an hour with Tim Green and the incomparable journalism of A Current Affair.

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