Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Super Samples

I am kicking myself this month because I let my subscription to The Sampler run out, and that subscription is one hot item. In case you have not heard of it, this is an awesome grab bag of crafty things, zines, jewelry, stickers, CDs and what not that comes to your house once a month [look under the "Sneak Peaks" link to check out the goodies]. Some of the stuff is kind of goofy, or not my style, but over half of it is always really worth it. The other stuff can be saved and stuck into cards or given away as Halloween treats or something. Plus who doesn't like getting suprise packages in the mail? If it sounds interesting, keep checking the website and hurry to subscribe when the June subscriptions open up.

Or, if you are crafty yourself (I'm talking to you PGT), you can make a minimum of 25 little deals to fill the grab bags and you will get a free one month subscription (plus free advertising) of your very own! Honestly, the competition is so high for these subscriptions that I might have to figure out something to make and sell just so I can get a damn grab bag....

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Mary P. from said...

Yay~. I remember hearing about this link from you and a bit ago trying to recall the name/address of the page. so yay! Anyway, I've been feeling much more motivated lately - so a contribution is on my list of things to do. Thanks for the suggestion and shout out. Now, what to make...what are some things you've received? These damn agents better not call me today, because i need some time to brainstorm (and browse the internet).

by the way...if you want to receive periodic updates from pgt I now have a mailing list so sign up!