Sunday, May 01, 2005

72 hour exhibits

I have been ususually busy with work stuff this week as there was a conference in town that I had to attend, and which brought lots of researchers and donors and such. The most exciting part of the week was the call I got on Monday afternoon telling me to put together an exhibit for the conference, to be ready early Friday morning. Here are some poorly taken pictures of my exhibit:

The left side of the table... Posted by Hello

... and the right side of the table! Posted by Hello

Its kind of hard to see what it all really looks like, since my pictures aren't so hot, but I got some nice comments on it. Its all reproduction material, color print-outs mounted on foam core by Kinkos.

Give me any topic, I'll create you a professional-quality exhibit in just 72 hours, people.


Also, happy May Day. Did everyone else do May Day baskets when they were kids? I really liked doing them, although there were hardly any kids in our neighborhood. Our "baskets" were usually more like decorated styrofoam cups with some popcorn and candy in them. We'd always bug the high school kids that lived on our street, but they were good sports and would chase us if they caught us leaving the baskets.

I also remember there being a May Day program at my elementary school every year, and six or seven sixth grade girls would get all dressed up in nice flowery colored dresses with ribbons in their hair and do that dance around the May pole where everyone holds onto a long ribbon connected to the top of the pole and as they dance around each other, the ribons braid themselves down the pole. I always thought that was so cool when I was a little kid, although I don't really have a memory of having the May Day program when I was a sixth grader....


carrie said...

we used to do may day baskets too! we made them out of strips of construction paper which we wove into very flimsy, stapled together baskets! i think we put construction paper flowers in ours. popcorn sounds better :)

Mary P. from said...

may day freaked my out when I was young. I would not open the door because I didn't want to chase anyone Though I did like the free treats.