Sunday, May 22, 2005

Flying Solo, Part Deux

An illustrated guide to a Saturday in a temporarily solo gal about town:

After having some cereal, coffee, internet time, and completely cleaning out Josh's car, including vacuuming it, washing it, and washing all the windows inside and out (except the trunk, which is so gross and wet and moldy that I am no longer going to speak of the trunk. Just be satisfied with how clean everything else is.) And also after eating a nice salad with leftover rotisserie chicken, mandarin oranges, mushrooms and asparagus.. After all that, I made myself a nice martini with a lemon twist.
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...And promptly rubbed this clay cleansing mask all over my face and drank a martini and read magazines while I waited for it to dry. Then I took a shower and read the magazines some more. I also cut up a bunch of strawberries and drizzled balsamic vinegar over them, which I had always heard was good, but had never tried. It is very good, especially with a martini, and it makes you feel all rich and decadent, even though you already had the vinegar and strawberries are on sale for like 99 cents a pound or something.
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And after getting a little tuned up, cleaning out your pores, eating strawberries, and sitting in the sun reading magazines, what else would one want to do except go shopping at Savers! This was a really strange idea, as I don't really like shopping and I'd never been to Savers before. But I got in the clean car and went. I found some good bargains, although in my gin-soaked haze I thought it would be awesome to buy three skirts that are grey, dark gray, and darker gray. How many gray skirts does one person need? I also bought a gray shirt. I was apparantly in the mood for gray clothing items.

Then I found this game... That's right. The VCR Wrestlemania Game. Including a VHS tape with over 175 highlights.
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How could I not want this? Plus it was only two dollars.
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Just look how much fun the dudes on the back of the box are having! They love it! Wrestlemania!
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The box was all taped up at the store, so I couldn't look inside, but I was stoked just from the pictures on the box. And those dudes! They were having fun! I was so excited when I opened up the box at home and found... No VHS tape! I was totally screwed by Savers. I really wanted that damn tape. And even though you can still sort of play without it, what do you really do when you draw a VCR card now? Pop in Jaws or something? I think I'll write to the Wrestlmania corporation for a replacement tape. [Update: This guy on Ebay seems to have a completely functional copy of the "ultra rare" game. I don't think its worth $18 just to get the video though....]

As a consolation, the drawings on the backs of the four card types are truly awesome. I might just give these cards out as Christmas gifts this year or do some kind of art project with them. The "interview" cards are the best. You are supposed to pick one and read it to your opponent (only two people can play at a time) before you move. They are all great, but my favorite three are:
1. It's time to shuffle the cards, and I'll be the one holding the ace of spades...
2. I'm going to teach you a WWF wrestling lesson that you'll never forget...
3. You'll be in the eye of the hurricane when you meet me. It's thunder and lightening all over you...

I think the cards are all kept open-ended so you can totally improvise slams on your opponent. Just like on Wrestlemania! I still wish I had the tape, though.
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Finally, I had myself some dinner. I invented this recipe using leftovers from my fridge and it turned out awesome -- I sauteed a bunch of garlic and some mushrooms and chopped up asparagus in sesame oil, then shredded up some more of that leftover chicken and got that all nice and hot. Then I made a little sauce from chicken broth, soy sauce and corn starch and cooked it all up until it was saucy and thick. Put the stir fry creation over rice and I was completely satisfied.
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My camera ran out of batteries, so the rest of the night is visually undocumented, but it involved having A. come over, chatting, walking down to the Movie Store, renting Mean Girls and Valley Girl (for girl's night, dude!), and drinking beer while watching Mean Girls but getting to sleepy to watch Valley Girl. Which I'll probably watch today.

I really liked Mean Girls -- I super love Tina Fey, and I'd never seen Lindsay Lohan in anything, but she is really quite likeable in this movie. I don't care much for her Hollywood, real-life persona, but she isn't a bad actress. The Heathers references were all great, as I have seen that movie about a gazillion times, and it was really clever and funny. Plus I don't think Josh would want to see it, really, so I'm glad I rented a Kristy-only movie while he was gone.

So that was my Saturday. Who knows what adventures await me today....


Mary P. from said...

He gets your heart-a-pumpin he gets the party jumpin - he's the macho man! I've soared with the eagles, I've slithered with the snakes and been everywhere in between, I am your friend...You guys could just use that Macho Man Randy Savage tape Nick gave Josh as a replacement game tape. I don't know how you could adapt it, possibly include interpretive dance offs to the songs as a challange.

Lindsay Lohan! Parent Trap ~ Confessions of a Teenage Drama queen! - - Ties to Fes (Wilhmer) from that 70's show! Confessions... is kind of fun to watch next ladies night video?

kristykay said...

Yes, I like the idea of working the Macho Man into the game. Maybe you can get extra points every time he gives a thumbs up to the camera, and a double thumbs up gives you double points!

I've never seen Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but I'd be willing to give it a try. Did you know the guy who directed Mean Girls also directed House of Yes? That is a pretty funny movie too...