Friday, May 06, 2005

U. R. thinking about the bathroom

Okay, so this is the third post about bathroom fixtures in a row, but stick with me, it is totally worth it. In my ever expanding quest to become distracted from my work, I googled one of the other names from our public restroom, Crane Plumbing. The resulting link caused a flush of bathroom fixture brand name nostalgia to run through me (get it, flush? run? bathroom?). All of the brand names associated with Crane Plumbing are good, but two in particular lived in bathrooms of my past and made me giggle almost every day:

Universal Rundle


They are even making me giggle right now. Seriously. All you have to say to me is Universal Rundle and I will crack up. If I ever have a band (which I won't, unless you can have a band where you don't play any instruments, sing, perform, record, or practice), I shall name it Universal Rundle. Or maybe Universal Rundle and the Sanymetals.

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