Thursday, May 19, 2005

Flying Solo

So, Josh is out of town this weekend (in New Orleans with some dude-friends, if you wondered where the Can-Smashing Robot or Movie-Watching Robot updates were) and I have the apartment entirely to myself. I can honestly count the number of times I've been all alone on one hand -- I have always had roomates that were always around, or lived with my parents, or lived with Josh. So far this is what I've done with my time:

1. Went to the grocery store for supplies

2. Talked to Josh on the phone and verified that he arrived safely.

3. Drank a beer and watched Judge Judy.

4. Took pictures of a bunch of shoes and a couple of shirts to (hopefully) sell on Ebay.

5. Read some of a cooking magazine.

6. Posted some of the shoes.

7. Took a shower

During numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7 I listed to the Flying Burrito Brothers best of album and sang every song really loud.

7. Heated up the rotisserie chicken I bought at HEB and steamed some asparagus. Josh hates asparagus and I love it, so I bought a bunch to eat while he is gone.

8. Set the VCR to record the season finale of CSI, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

9. Super cleaned the bathroom. I mean it. That sucker is clean. If you were to come over and pee in the toilet, you could even look into the shower and I would not be embarrased.

The Modern Lovers, cranked up, provided the cleaning soundtrack.

10. Drank another beer and posted some more things on Ebay.

While listening to Volume One of the Magnetic Fields, 69 Love Songs

11. Wrote this post

Right now listening to They Might Be Giants, Mink Car

Now, if I've already accomplished 11 things in the five hours since I got home from work, you know the rest of this alone time is going to be a blast. Either that or I've already peaked and from now on I just count the beers and sit in my own filth....


Mary P. from said...

Flying solo has many perks because it is just you time and of course just you time is always great. Lately I have been very into window shopping on-line while I have my own free time....Talk about a time waster. In any case, shopping at is not something you can do as a couple. You know what I am saying?

kristykay said...

Yes I am a huge fan of alone time, and I don't get much of that what with hubby being home all day, so this alone time is nice. Although I find it a lot easier to just sit around and read and be lazy if he is here. I find myself feeling like I have to do all these errands and cleaning projects when I'm alone for some reason....