Wednesday, May 04, 2005


For some reason, I always notice the brand names on fixtures in insitutional restrooms. That rule also extends to other institutional fixtures. I still remember that all the pencil sharpeners in my elementary school had "Boston KKS" embossed on them. Since my initials are KKS, I always touched the embossing before I sharpened my pencils. I was a weird kid.

So, sometimes these fixtures have boring names and sometimes they are hilarious. In my current place of business, the toilet is labled "Crane Plumbing," the paper towel dispenser is something like "Fort Hudson" (so boring I didn't even bother to totally remember it), and the toilet paper holder is (this is the funny one): Bobrick. I love that. Its funny because it is either two first names (Bob and Rick) or the equally hilarious Bo Brick. I like to think about two friends who got together to design institutional toilet paper holders named Bob and Rick. Or one guy, Mr. Bo Brick, who does all the design work himself.

Okay, so your mission is now to go into a public restroom, note the brand names on any visible fixtures, and report back. I guarantee at least one fixture in every building is going to have a hilarious name.



Joolie said...

I can't think of any bathroom brand names off the top of my head, but I'll check tonight.

I can tell you that the tampon trash boxes in the bathroom at my work have this great little informational silhouette of a hand disposing of a tampon applicator, except it looks like a crab claw pinching a cylinder. There's even some tension in the image--it depicts the split second in which the hand-claw is barely open, having just released its grip--but the cylinder hasn't quite fallen out yet.

Joolie said...

Ok: Smith, Zurn, Bemis, and Kohler on the drain, sink, toilet seat, and toilet, respectively.

Bobrick is better.