Monday, May 16, 2005

Brain sex

I love everything about the BBC Human Body and Mind website, especially all the quizes and tests. Because I love to get good scores on things. Seriously, give me an A plus and I'll do anything.

Today I took the Brain Sex quiz and found out that overall my brain is a woman brain, but in some tasks I have a half-and-half brain, and in others I'm even more womanly than other women.

The test takes about 20 minutes or so, and you can save it and come back to it if you need to. It has some really well designed little quizes and surveys -- plus they use the anonymous results to track trends and further psychological research. I love helping research.

Other bits about me: I got 12 out of 20 on the senses quiz, I'm right brained (at least according to my thumbs), and I can spot fake smiles. Personality-wise I'm a planner (instead of spontaneous), I like facts (instead of ideas), heads (instead of hearts), and I'm an introvert, which together makes me a Realist. And not very fun at parties.

Really this whole BBC site is pretty cool, and can easily take up hours of your time.

Now go check out the inner workings of you brain... with sexy results!


A. said...

What I've learned from the Brain Sex quiz is that I'm an autistic she-male. My score was exactly zero, Kristy! On a scale of 0-100, 100 being either masculine or feminine for folks who haven't taken it, I am a 0. I am equally a man and woman, brain-wise. Interesting fact: my coworker Richard scored a 25 on the female side. Awesome.

what did you say? said...

Wow I scored a 25 on the male side. I guess that explains why I'm always fixing and building things.