Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SB Wednesday: Anonymous Edition

Who on earth doesn't just love John Doe? He has earned his spot in the pantheon of Secret Boyfriends. On this Secret Boyfriend Wednesday, we shall let the John Doe Flag fly.

[On a related note, doing an image search for "John Doe" will bring up a lot of non-SB items. I had to use my information professional skills to separate the SB-wheat from the non-SB-chaff.]

As you can see, John Doe has mastered the SB-enhancing trait of aging gracefully.

In addition, he knows how to rock.

Look at him rock!

He also rocks fictionally, with the likes of Dennis Quaid (have you seen Great Balls of Fire lately? It is a work of genius.) He has also acted in about ninety-billion things.

Hats off to you, John Doe. Whoever you really are...


Jennifer LaSuprema said...

Not to mention his ex-wife (but still bandmate) is a librarian! Have you seen the sometimes silly, but totally entertaining, and occasionally genius Roadside Prophets? It's a SB triple play in my book: John Doe, Adam Horovitz and John Cusack (in my fave cameo of all time)!

Spacebeer said...

I haven't seen that, but it sounds SB-tastic!