Friday, January 19, 2007


I just stopped at Kinkos to drop off some files for an exhibit I'm doing at work (they need to be printed and mounted on foam core) -- and the jerks wanted to charge me $2.50 per file to convert my perfectly acceptable .jpeg and .doc files into PDFs. Obviously they can print my original files if they can open them up and convert them. And obviously it does not take $2.50 of work to convert a .jpeg into a PDF. I got kind of huffy, but not too bad. I'll just convert the files my damn self at work on Monday and go to Kinko's again. Luckily it only takes 24 hours to turn around the order and I don't really need it until a week from today.

All this after I even typed up very nice and organized instructions on what to do with each file. At least the guy at the counter was impressed with my instruction sheet.

Stupid Finkos.


milk and cake said...

stupid finkos indeed! however, i did go by there today to have my "i'm moving" postcards made, and before i dropped the file off i actually paid like $6 to use their computers and scanners just so they wouldn't charge me for conversion. it would have been cheaper to let them just do it, but i was willing to pay more just so i wouldn't have to deal with them!

Rustle.Destroyer said...

Kinkos was the most demoralizing job, ever.

kristykay said...

To be fair to the very nice guy at the counter, he admitted that it was an odd new policy from corporate and he also tried to get the manager to waive the fee since my instruction sheet was so nice, but the manager dude wasn't having it.

Dan said...

It's completely ridiculous. I walked out of Kinko's when they told me that. A print shop that can't handle a variety of different file formats? Stupid.